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اريد التعرف على: انثى الاعمار 39 - 53 بمنطقة الجزائر‎, الجزائر
الهدف: صداقة, حب, زواج, تسلية


I'm simple in some ways and complex in others. Simple in the fact that I'm old fashioned, sincere, faithful, honest and loyal. I'm a one-woman man that you can count on and you never have to worry about my commitment. My complexity comes from my drive, ambition and competitive entrepreneurial spirit. I'm extremely intelligent and seek to forge my own path in life. I'm so flexible and adaptable that I can change paths in full stride. My work is intense, stressful and rewarding. Everyday is different and brings something new. I like to snowboard, paintball, four wheel, fly fish, camp, hike, walk on the beach, cuddle up to a good movie,ride roller coasters, ride my Harley Davidson, climb sand dunes and fly through the air on my quad. Soon I want to hang glide, parachute and bungee jump. I'm a combination thrill seeker and hopeless romantic. I want to live out a storybook life and explore the beaches of the world. I'm a great provider, protector and friend. I would give my life for my family.
My ideal person:
I'm looking for a best friend and partner to explore the world and life with. I'm looking for someone that loves to smile, laugh, play and explore. Someone that likes to hug,cuddle and kiss. Someone that likes attention and affection as much as I do and isn't afraid to display affection in public. I'm looking for a mate that's honest, kind,considerate, supportive, loving, loyal, faithful,intelligent, happy and positive. Someone attractive,physically fit, sensual, sexy, passionate, spontaneous,adventuresome and a little bit wild. A lady that is more beautiful on the inside than she is on the outside. I seek a soul mate who will love me with complete and reckless abandonment. To her and my family I will dedicate my love and my life.I want a companion that will follow me to the ends of the earth because she knows I?d do the same for her.Someone who is a believer in God and wishes to pass that belief on through the generations of family to follow. I'm looking for someone who loves me for who I am and not for what I can produce. Someone that loves me for me and not for what I can give them. Someone that will be by my side for the rest of my life whether I live in a mobile home or in a mansion. I'm looking for true love. I understand what true love is, do you?

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Stvrogers, 55
الجزائر, الجزائر
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I'm simple in some ways and complex in others. Simple in the fact that I'm old fashioned, sincere, faithful, honest and loyal. I'm a one-woman man...
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