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دمشق, سوريا
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What i can say about my self lets see mmmm
ok i am good man i hope that , reliable , independent , respect all kind of people ...

Oriental man with all the word mean when we talk you can ask me maybe this few word for arabic poet who called ( Nizar Qabbani ) will explain alot about me :

Love happened at last,
And we entered God's paradise,
Under the skin of the water
Like fish.
We saw the precious pearls of the sea
And were amazed.
Love happened at last
Without intimidation...with symmetry of wish.
So I gave...and you gave
And we were fair.
It happened with marvelous ease
Like writing with jasmine water,
Like a spring flowing from the ground.
My ideal person:
I am looking for lovely girl who can respect me and respect our relation ,love me , altruistic , maybe we can have something between us
... My darling, I have much to say
Where o precious one shall I begin ?
All that is in you is princely
O you who makes of my words through their meaning
Cocoons of silk
These are my songs and this is me
This short book contains us
Tomorrow when I return its pages
A lamp will lament
A bed will sing
Its letters from longing will turn green
Its commas be on the verge of flight
Do not say: why did this youth
Speak of me to the winding road and the stream
The almond tree and the tulip
So that the world escorts me wherever I go ?
Why did he sing these songs ?
Now there is no star
That is not perfumed with my fragrance
Tomorrow people will see me in his verse
A mouth the taste of wine, close-cropped hair
Ignore what people say
You will be great only through my great love
What would the world have been if we had not been
If your eyes had not been, what would the world have been?

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Redphoenix, 34
دمشق, سوريا
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What i can say about my self lets see mmmm ok i am good man i hope that , reliable , independent , respect all kind of people ... Oriental man...
كان منذ زمن طويل