Philipandy, 55
عمان, الاردن
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اريد التعرف على: انثى الاعمار 40 - 54 بمنطقة الاردن, الاردن
الهدف: صداقة, حب, زواج, تسلية


I am a man who is full of romantic words...i offer my love to the
fullest and that is me because Love is...everything that makes you
smile, everything that brings you up when you are down, love is not
beauty, or talent love is...YOU..love is you when you can offer it
to the fullest and offer it unconditionally...offer it to be
undying....offer it to be with no pain and stress...every one wants
love like that but real man will offer you..love is what i offer
because that is what i want...i am a
sincere,loving,caring,hardworking,cherishing,pampering, and the
supportive one...and that is how i offer it to my woman so that he
never lacks them and this will alway make her the woman with the
crown...and about you tell me and chat with me after reading..
My ideal person:
I don't want much from her she must just be the woman of whom she is
she must be a woman who accept love in all forms and who can
believe that love can have you at anytime because it is a fire that
reigns from the heart..she should be a loving,caring,sincere,
honest ,trust worthy and humble woman who can do everything to make
her family happy..a woman who has been hungry of love and tired of
heart breaking and i think this will make us compatible..a woman
who can love is man a herself and that makes her a full lover...a
woman who is honest and be there for you in the good time and bad
times and that makes him a strong woman..a woman who believes in God
that she can provide his man for her at anytime and at any form and
this makes the love unquestioned....a woman with games playing
o.m.g baby it is not real step aside and try forward..and why don't
you show me your love and let me be there for you...why don't you
lets walk in the cloud and lets give each other the real love..
My interests:
I Love every interest of life.

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الأصل:  مسيحي
التعليم:  التعليم العالي
الوضع الاقتاصادي:  ثري

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Philipandy, 55
عمان, الاردن
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I am a man who is full of romantic words...i offer my love to the fullest and that is me because Love is...everything that makes you smile,...
كان منذ زمن طويل