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About sex ;for me sex is the very best thing in this life , i like to do 24 houres ,
im african egyption and
i like to do it like horse
and we are more deffriend
than europe mens so iam actuly romantic and wilde in the same time but
i will tell you some of my best places wich i like
to do sex in :i like to do sex In the shower standing up,and In a hotel
and In a lake ,and in a sauna and Under a waterfall,
i like fantasy and i like to make my lady touch the sky with me ,
and i like to make her fly , and i dream only about making love
its the most important thing for me, i know that i not got that feeling from along time ,
but i wish i can taste that feeling
again and if i found it i never leave my women for a secound ,
any way im not that crazy guy to speak about how im good on this
way , cause the only words in this way is feeling ,
so i wish to let my feeling move me .

what attract me must be the eyes, the walk, the ascent,
the interest about culture. i believe you have a different way of thinking,
about relationships,
more serious, ....i have experienced that in the past...
so i know what i am looking for. I'm real.....100%, my heart is like that of a lion:).
My ideal person:
I'm looking for that special WOMEN , caring,
down to earth, ambitious, sweet, someone
who feels proud of being with only one MAN in his life,
honestly i don't mind writing letters, but there is
just one thing i don't wanna come across....and that is cheating !!!
i say this because i m aware and scared of bad GIRLS,
Apart from that, i believe everything will be fine between us.
More about me: what am looking for?
there must be something about it that's why I'm here to figure it out
i wanna find an independent WOMEN that's the kind of WOMEN i need,
a WOMEN that is certain about her decisions; matured,
responsible, caring and lively WOMEN that doesn't need help from his friends
to know if he should do something or not,
a WOMEN that likes to go clubbing but prefers to stay with his MAN at home,
cuddling each other on the coach, watching a movie, eating popcorn,
someone that likes to travel, go on holidays to exotic countries.
I'm looking for my future princeSS, i need her in fact now,
i would travel miles to come to her if i need to.
i wanna treat her like a flower, give her all the time, what she needs,
i wanna surprise her whenever i can,
i wanna call her sweet names, i wanna watch her when she smiles.
My interests:
I am serious, matured,
funny, likes to laugh, sporty,
enjoys to dance to everything that sounds nice, i like to travel, ambitious,
hardworking, caring,
sociable to interesting people, well educated, i have interest in many things, politics,
sports, news of the world, music...i like movies, cinema, i love to eat out,
to go on excursions,
i like the pool coz i enjoy swimming, i like to play billiards, i like Italian fashion wears,
i like Italian clothes, smart clothes.
my hobbies :Boating,.Bowling.Dancing,.Guitar.Meditation,.Shopping,.Snorkeling,?
Walking ?Swimming?BodyBuilding
i like Listening to Music.Reading.Watching TV,going to the Beach,playing Billiards,
.Dancing,.Horseback Riding.

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Neo, 41
Cairo, مصر
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About sex ;for me sex is the very best thing in this life , i like to do 24 houres , im african egyption and i like to do it like horse and we...
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