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I'm me and that's all there is to it, shy when I first meet people and loud but only in the best possible way, random, I’m different, one of a kind, I’m original, I love RAP music.“IT MIGHT'VE BEEN’ are words I don’t want to hear. I'm that guy who likes everybody, is nice to everybody, and will do anything for those I know and a lot for those I don’t know. Love me or hate me-your choice--frankly I could care less. I hate when people take things too far, or blow something small into something huge! It’s such a waste, I've had people open my eyes, and I'm ready to grow up and get rid of the drama--my life will be about
the things and people that I want to keep in it. If your not one of them get over it! I’ve dedicated a lot of time with you...then I’m hoping you would do the same. Let the lover's love and the haters hate! What can I say? Well that's enough about me. If we're friends then you should know what I'm like!send me an im if you want.
My ideal person:
Well i'm looking for my own Ms Right. Ideally smart, witty, beautiful internally and externally (to my eyes). Importantly someone who is willing to be themselves, communicate, discuss and stand up for their point of view and beliefs if needed.

What I'm do NOT want is anyone submissive. I don't expect my partner to cook or clean up for me if she wishes to then thats her choice, all I want is for us to be happy together in a loving relationship and lay a solid foundation for our future experiences.

Apparently I am a bit different in that I still believe in the concept of Love, but that's me, I need to believe that there is something more than just liking a person. However, I don't consider love to be a fairytale, to me its key interaction factors that will help me realise
that I have found my one special person.

But almost as importantly as everything i have listed above i want..actually no, I need someone who will make me a want to become better person, someone who i can love more than life itself.

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LarryAnthony, 37
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I'm me and that's all there is to it, shy when I first meet people and loud but only in the best possible way, random, I’m different, one of a kind,...
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